Lift Chair Diagnostics

Lift Chair Diagnostics - How to fix your lift chair and check what parts you need Posted on 27 Jul 14:36 , 0 comments

Is your Lift Chair not working? Use the following steps to find out what is wrong with your lift chair, and what part you may need to purchase.

  • First check if you Lift Chair is plugged into the wall outlet 
  • Check your connections and make sure everything is plugged in
  • Now check your power supply, if your power supply has a light on it and it is plugged in the light should be on
  • If you power supply does not have a light, feel it, it should be warm to the touch
  • If your power supply is working, next check your hand control
  • Some hand controls have a light on them, if the lift chair hand control is plugged in, the light should be on
  • If it does not have a light, simply press the up or down button and see what the chair does
  • If the Lift Chair does not move, and you do not hear any noises, it is most likely your hand control
  • Finally, check your motor
  • If your motor is making a noise when you press the hand control, but it is not moving your motor is broken


Using these steps you should be able to diagnose your lift chair and see if it is the hand control, power supply, motor, or connections on the cables. It is easy to eliminate the power supply, but sometimes you may not be able to tell if it is the hand control, or the motor. If you get down to the hand control and motor, and cannot figure out which one is bad simply order both of them and return the one that you do not need.