11170 11170ux 11170u (11171) Relaxor Ultra, Med-lift Heat and Vibration Hand Control for Lift Chair

$ 89.95 $ 99.00

This is a heat and vibration control only (does not operate the motors of the chair). 

  • This 11170 Heat and Vibration hand control is used for most major Golden Lift Chairs and 95% of the time is exactly what you need for your Golden Technologies Lift Chair
  • The control is also commonly used in Med Lift Chairs for the majority of their heat and massage Lift Chairs that have a separate control for the massage and another one for the chair lift
  • The controller will have many different private label logos on it, but as long as the back say Model: 11170 OR 11170UX OR 11170U OR 11171, this is the correct heat and vibration lift chair or power recline chair remote for you
  • This control has a total of 13 buttons

Heat and Vibration Features

  • Power button to turn the heat and massage control on
  • A high and low button for the heat 
  • Massage button includes three zones  
    • Zone 1 (Head and Upper Back)
    • Zone 2 (Lower Back and Seat)
    • Zone 3 (Upper&Lower Thighs and Legs)
  • The controller also includes three buttons for Massage Type
    • Select (Constant massage in zones selected)
    • Wave (Will rotate through the zones selected)
    • Pulse (Will turn on and off quickly and repetitively)
  • The massage feature also include Intensity (This is how powerful the vibration of the massage is)
  • The last feature is Speed (This will increase the speed of Wave of Pulse, making them rotate quicker)

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