Golden Technologies Auto Drive Hand Control With Programmable Chair Position

$ 98.75 $ 117.00

  • Golden Technologies Lift Chair Hand Control Model ZKAD-1 With Pre-Programed Buttons
    • Auto Drive Hand Control come pre-programed with a TV watching position, a zero gravity position, and "total-comfort"
  • The AutoDrive Hand Control comes with 2 memory buttons to program your favorite Lift Chair position, simply adjust your Lift Chair to the position you find the most comfortable, or convenient, and program it to go to that position by simply holding down the memory button.
  • The Auto Drive Hand Control gets its name by its signature "Lift" button. This button will operate both of your Lift Chair motors at once, and place you in a position where it will be easier to get out of your chair
  • replacing hand control on golden technologies lift chair

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