Okin Limoss TranQuilEase Hand Control Replacement - 5 pin up/down Lift Chair Controller With Extension Cord

$ 66.90

This is a 5 pin replacement hand control for Okin, Limoss, TranQuilEase and other major lift chair hand control manufacturers. The 5 pin hand control is used on many different lift chair manufacturers such as; Okin, Golden Technologies, Med-Lift, Limoss, Catnapper, Walgreens, Walmart, Sears, Pride, etc... 

This hand control comes equip with an extension cord, giving your loved one ease if mind. They will have enough cord to pull out the hand control and move it around as they please, without unplugging it, or damaging it. 

The extension cord is also known as a quick disconnect cable. A quick disconnect cable is always nice to have, especially in the company of children. When you children or grandchildren come over, you are able to simply disconnect the hand control at the quick disconnect "snap on". This will make it impossible to operate the chair. A lot of lift chair owners do not think about this, but it is good to have because a child might crawl underneath, or into the bottom of the chair, and another one may operate the chair, this would end badly. 

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